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Welcome to the website of The Rochester Bridge Trust.

Since Roman times a bridge has crossed the River Medway at Rochester, and since medieval times the Wardens and Assistants of Rochester Bridge have maintained this strategic river crossing.



Today the Trust owns and maintains the two A2 bridges and the service bridge at Rochester, crossings as important for today’s traffic and modern life as at any time in our history.


Our Education Website

The Trust is committed to Supporting Engineering Education and encouraging young people to learn more about civil engineering and bridge building. Visit our educational website for more information.



The Rochester Bridge Trust has built and maintained numerous Medway crossings since medieval times. In the late fourteenth century the old Roman bridge was destroyed by winter storms.

Rochester Bridge Trust News

2016 Bridge Wardens’ Lectures


The Guildhall Museum, Rochester High Street

“Family Engineering for Civic Day”

18th June, 2016


As part of the City of Rochester Society’s Civic Day celebrations, families are invited to enjoy bridge building activities at the Guildhall Museum, provided by the Rochester Bridge Trust.

The activities, which are among a number of events across Medway, will give children and adults the opportunity to learn about bridges and try their hand at creating a range of structures from the materials provided.

Trust Education Officer Sharron Mackenzie explained: “Bridges are an important part of our lives, joining communities and making it a lot easier for us to get from A to B. This day of bridge building activities will be a fun, hands-on way to find out more about these important structures and aims to encourage youngsters to see the potential of civil engineering as a career.

“Of course, this will also be a great way for adults and children alike to test their creativity and have fun together.”

Langdon the Lion, the Rochester Bridge Trust’s education mascot, will be taking a day off from his Guardian of the Bridge duties to attend the event.

Bridge building activities will run from 11am until 2pm.

For more information about the Trust’s education initiatives see

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