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Since Roman times a bridge has crossed the River Medway at Rochester, and since medieval times the Wardens and Assistants of Rochester Bridge have maintained this strategic river crossing.


Today the Trust owns and maintains the two A2 bridges and the service bridge at Rochester, crossings as important for today’s traffic and modern life as at any time in our history.

Our Education Website

The Trust is committed to Supporting Engineering Education and encouraging young people to learn more about civil engineering and bridge building. Visit our educational website for more information.


The Rochester Bridge Trust has built and maintained numerous Medway crossings since medieval times. In the late fourteenth century the old Roman bridge was destroyed by winter storms.

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Material decision is a tight problem

The preparations for our upcoming refurbishment project involve considering lots of different strands of work, one of which relates to Rochester Esplanade. As regular readers will know, the Trust owns the end of Rochester Esplanade nearest the bridges. We are still developing our designs to improve the area opposite the Bridge Chamber, adding benches and […]

Grant lights up pupils’ potential

Children enjoyed a bright end to their school year thanks to a grant from the Rochester Bridge Trust. Maidstone Grammar School for Girls was given £15,000 to reconnect its lighting equipment to the mains electricity, and a delegation from the Trust visited the school to see the kit being put to good use. Russell Cooper, […]

Delving into the history of St Andrew’s House

As we’ve been working to uncover the physical past in our restoration of St Andrew’s House, here at the Trust we have also become more interested in the social past associated in what will soon be our new extended home. One former inhabitant among the long list of Deans of Rochester – this was The […]

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