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Since Roman times a bridge has crossed the River Medway at Rochester, and since medieval times the Wardens and Assistants of Rochester Bridge have maintained this strategic river crossing.


Today the Trust owns and maintains the two A2 bridges and the service bridge at Rochester, crossings as important for today’s traffic and modern life as at any time in our history.

Our Education Website

The Trust is committed to Supporting Engineering Education and encouraging young people to learn more about civil engineering and bridge building. Visit our educational website for more information.


The Rochester Bridge Trust has built and maintained numerous Medway crossings since medieval times. In the late fourteenth century the old Roman bridge was destroyed by winter storms.

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Hay for an historic health and safety notice

One of the (we think many) things that makes the Rochester Bridge Trust special is its adherence to tradition. There has been an unbroken chain of Senior Wardens since 1383; the founders are commemorated with an annual Latin mass; and when the headroom of a span is reduced from its usual limits, a bale of […]

The underdeck – an introduction

While there’s so much activity going on above the bridges, it can be easy to miss the fact there’s also a lot going on underneath. The more observant among you will have noticed areas of scaffolding poking up by the side of the Old Bridge, and sticking out from underneath, so what are we actually […]

Right turn closure off Rochester’s New Bridge

Motorists are advised there is to be a temporary closure of the right turn from the New Bridge onto Rochester Esplanade. The traffic management will begin with a series of… read more →

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