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A change of focus around Rochester’s bridges

When you hear the words “Rochester Bridge” what do you think of? An historic crossing? The Old Bridge? The more vague idea of a bridge that gets you over a… read more →

Lane restrictions as Rochester Bridges Refurbishment Project begins

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are advised there are to be a series of overnight, temporary, single lane closures to the New Bridge between Rochester and Strood. On Monday, 22nd April,… read more →

Refurbishing the New Bridge

The start of visible works for the Rochester Bridges Refurbishment Project is imminent, with the programme running in phases, beginning on the New Bridge. Which means now is the perfect… read more →

Lane restrictions on Rochester’s bridges

Motorists are advised there will be temporary single lane closures on the bridges at Rochester and at the end of Rochester Esplanade overnight on Thursday, 11th April, to enable essential… read more →

Safety during the refurbishment

Traffic cones and information signs are a fairly common sight on our roads, including when we’ve carried out work on Rochester’s bridges. For many they are an annoyance, for the… read more →

Maintaining a listed building

We’ve previously mentioned that the Old Bridge is a ‘listed building’ but what does this actually mean? In simple terms a listed building is a building or structure that has… read more →

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