Peter Moore, Contract Manager

I work for FM Conway, the Term Maintenance Contractor for Rochester’s bridges. As the Contract Manager it’s my job to ensure the maintenance of the bridges is carried out on schedule and to budget. This means I manage my team and the technical delivery of the works, while liaising with Bridge Engineer Arcadis and the Trust itself.

Our three organisations have built up a strong working relationship over the last few years and I really enjoy our shared goal of making sure the bridges are maintained to the highest standards.

This is important not just because we want the bridges to look nice, but also because it keeps them in good condition: both by enabling us to spot any issues before they become problems, and also to minimise damage from general wear and tear. It’s a little more complicated than this, but to put it simply: the better the condition of the bridges, the longer they will last.

The job can be challenging because the Trust keeps the bridges – which have a lot of traffic – open at all times, so maintaining health and safety standards for those at work and the travelling public is another important task. I do enjoy the challenge though, and it’s great to be part of the history and to work with such a prestigious client.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family.